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We have launched our new site. If you have subscribed to our Feedly and RSS feeds then you will need to subscribe to new links. See below.[more]

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08.03.2016 is being redesigned. The new site will launch shortly. We shall not be uploading new material while this happens but we are keeping the old site live so that readers can access our news archive[more]

Thunderstorms Don’t Get Butterflies


For weather forecasting, precise observations matter more than butterflies. Researchers find that minimizing initial errors on scales around 100km is more likely to extend the accuracy of forecasts at lead times longer than 3–4...[more]

Paleo Study: CO2 Risk To Antarctica Worse Than Thought


Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations 16 million years ago were similar to those seen today but temperatures were warmer and ocean levels were much higher. Two new studies of conditions in Antarctica at that time using data...[more]

Study Claims Searing Heat Waves In The Future


Today's once in 20-year heat waves could become annual occurrences across more than half of the world's land areas by 2075, claims a new study. It also concluded that heat waves with a 1-in-20 chance of occurring during a future...[more]

Study Claims Robust Estimates For Sea-level Rise


Sea-levels worldwide will likely rise by between 50 and 130 cms by the end of this century if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced rapidly, according to research[more]

Extreme Phenomena Linked With Sea Level Change


Thousands of pieces of data demonstrate that sea levels and extreme phenomena are evolving independently [more]

Sea Level Mapped From Space With GPS Reflections


Sea surface height has been measured from space using GPS signals reflected off the sea surface for the first time[more]

“Ice Age Blob” Discovered South Of Greenland


The recent Pacific Ocean “blob” of warm water may have an echo in the past. Greenland experienced several abrupt and severe climate changes during the last ice age. But even during the coldest periods a blob of warm surface water...[more]

Study Reports Ice Sheet Collapse In Past Was Not Rapid


An alternative narrative for ice sheet disappearance has been developed which differs to the catastrophic accelerating collapse predicted by some for Greenland and Antarctica[more]

Possibility Of Strong Ozone Depletion Above Arctic


Climate researchers working on the POLSTRACC measurement campaign find pre-conditions for significant ozone depletion in the stratosphere – polar stratospheric clouds, redistribution of reactive nitrogen, and signs of chlorine...[more]

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