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Study Replicates Ocean Currents In the Lab


Global warming is disturbing the delicate balance of the ocean currents. Petroleum and climate researchers are now working together to try and understand what is happening beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean[more]

Rock Weathering Counter Fossil-Fuel Emissions


Scientists have discovered enhanced weathering of rock could counter man-made fossil fuel CO2 emissions and help to protect our oceans[more]

Decreased Storm Activity Leads To Extreme Weather


Cold, hot or dry: persistent weather extremes is associated with decreased storm activity, acording to research[more]

Ocean Governed Jurassic Climate Says Study


Volcanic event caused ice age during Jurassic Period, new research suggests. Cool episodes have been postulated in the Jurassic. However, the mechanisms governing transition between so-called Warm Modes and Cool Modes are poorly...[more]

EPIC offers New Insights On Clouds


NASA studies high clouds and Saharan dust using Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), on board NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory [more]

Study Predicts Arctic Sea Ice Loss Slow Down


A new paper forecasts that overall winter sea ice extent will remain steady in the near future. This research underlines the significance of satellite data showing that Arctic sea ice extent now is broadly similar to that...[more]

RSS: November 2015 Was Warmest November


Global atmospheric temperatures in November were the highest recorded for any November since satellite measurements began, according to data from RSS[more]

Arctic Sea Ice In November In Line With Last Decade


Arctic sea ice extent in November was the sixth lowest on record but in line with levels seen during the last decade and above those reported in 2006 and 2007. The long term rate of decline since 1979 now stands at 4.7 per cent...[more]

Hurricane Season: Atlantic Quiet But Pacific Active


The 2015 hurricane season ended with below-normal activity in the Atlantic while active eastern and central Pacific regions shattered records[more]

Paleo Research Hints At Rapid Warming In The Past


Using a core sample from the Santa Barbara Basin, UCSB researchers decipher the history of paleoclimate change with surprising results[more]

Imminent Solar Chill Predicted By Physicists


Solar scientists have reconstructed the sun's activity and predicted it until the year 3200 showing that solar activity decreases dramatically about every 350 years and that an upcoming decrease in solar activity begins now[more]

Arctic Ocean Black Carbon May Increase With Warming


Climate change is likely to increase black carbon input to the Arctic Ocean, according to study[more]

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