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Arctic Winter Methane Emissions More Than Expected

04.01.2016 16:22 Age: 2 yrs

A new study finds that, contrary to previous assumptions, the Arctic tundra releases at least as much methane during its cold season as it does during summer

Click to enlarge. SDSU researchers Donatella Zona and Walter Oechel developed an on-demand heating system for atmospheric measuring towers, like this one in Atqasuk, Alaska. Courtesy: Salvatore Losacco and SDSU


by Michael Price, San Diego State University

Accurate measurements

Zero curtain

Model adjustment



2 and CH4 fluxes. Experimental areas are located both in natural and in managed wetlands and cover a wide range of climatic regions, ecosystem types, and management practices. Based on direct observations we predict that sustained CH4 emissions in natural ecosystems are in the long term (i.e., several centuries) typically offset by CO242 exchange.




San Diego State University news release here.