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Bjorn Lomborg changes view on impact of climate change

06.09.2010 10:37 Age: 8 yrs
Category: News

Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Sceptical Environmentalist, has announced that he believes that $100bn a year is needed to fight climate change.

Lomborg is using his new book published in September to call for a massive global investment in tackling the issue of climate change.  Lomborg has been described as the world's most prominent climate change sceptic but his position has been more nuanced in that he has been critical in the past of the potential costs of attempts to avert climate change.  His apparent change of position in calling for such huge investment has caused headlines around the world.

Lomborg recommends investing into R&D on nuclear, solar, wind and wave power and also investigating geo-engineering solutions in the new book he has edited called "Smart Solutions to Climate Change - Comparing Costs and Benefits".  The book assesses the issue of the impact of climate change and the actions that may be taken to deal with the problem from the perspective of an economist.


For more about the book see the below link.