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Calls for UN climate chief to resign

30.09.2010 12:17 Age: 7 yrs
Category: IPCC

Rajendra Pachauri's fate as chairman of the IPCC to be decided at the next IPCC meeting in October

UN climate chief Rajendra Pachauri's fate as chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be decided at the next IPCC meeting in South Korea this month (October).  Calls for Pachauri to resign have followed publication of the report by the Amsterdam-based Inter Academy Council in August that investigated the causes of widely-publicised errors in the last IPCC Assessment Report.

While the IAC did not explicitly call for him to go, it clearly recommended a management shake-up at the UN body and politicians and scientific experts from a number of countries, including the US and the UK, have signaled their belief that Pachauri should go immediatly on the basis of the IAC's findings.

Diplomats fear the fallout that may follow from the departure of Pachauri, an Indian national, if India finds it embarrassing, particularly in the wake of the recent Commonwealth Games turmoil, since India is a key country in terms of negotiating meaningful global emission curbs.  Pachauri is serving his second term as chairman and is inevitably associated with the failings of the last IPCC report prompting some observers to comment that his departure might actually help the credibility of the next report.

The 32nd session of the IPCC is scheduled to take place in Busan, South Korea, between 11 October and 14 October.  a session about the IAC report is timetabled into the provisional agenda but discussion of Pachauri's future is likely to take place around the edges of the conference, or even ahead of the event.