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Global Warming Means More Super El Ninos

10.12.2013 22:08 Age: 4 yrs

Australian scientists find cause of El Nino abnormality reports paper in Nature.




That is the finding of a new collaborative study, published in the journal Nature and led by researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Climate Change Research Centre and ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, which has for the first time revealed the cause of these events.






Scientists have struggled to explain why they occurred and if the frequency would change in the future.






Key to mystery













The 1982 and 1997 events led to highly unusual weather events worldwide causing disruption in fisheries and agriculture costing tens of billions of dollars and leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. During the 1982 event, in the US alone, crop losses were estimated at $10-12 billion (the equivalent of $24-26 billion in current terms).











Read the abstract and get the paper here


This story is based on a news release from the University of New South Wales here