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North Atlantic CO2 Storage Doubles In 10 Years

03.02.2016 15:29 Age: 2 yrs

Study shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 storage doubled over last decade. Findings have important implications for ocean life

Click to enlarge Increases in anthropogenic CO2 in the Atlantic Ocean between 2003 and 2014. Courtesy:University of Miami


From the University of Miami2. The data were collected during two National Science Foundation-funded international ship-based studies, CLIVAR (Climate Variability CO22 in the atmosphere by absorbing and storing about a quarter of the total carbon dioxide emissions. The North Atlantic is an area of high uptake and storage due to large-scale ocean circulations.

The uptake of CO22


−1−12−1−1−1 for surface waters during the last 10 years, in line with the atmospheric increase in CO2.




University of Miami news release here.