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Sulphur Emissions Shrink Cloud Droplet Size

15.12.2015 20:24 Age: 2 yrs

Click to enlarge. NASA’s MODIS instrument captures images in the visible and infrared wavelengths of light, showing details of cloud cover and reflected solar radiation around the fissure in the Bardarbunga volcano. This satellite image was captured Nov. 9, 2014. Courtesy: NASA


by Hannah Hickey, University of Washington


e) over the region surrounding Iceland was at the lowest value in the 14 year Moderate Imaging Spectroradiometer data record during September and October 2014. The change in reflected solar radiation due to increased cloud reflectivity during September and October is estimated to exceed 2 W m−2 over the region surrounding Iceland, with increases of 1 W m−2




University of Washington news release here.