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UK Floods "Directly Influenced" By Human Warming

01.02.2016 17:31 Age: 1 year

Southern England's winter floods in 2013/14 were directly influenced by human-driven climate change, according to a new paper. Increased water-holding capacity of the atmosphere and more January days with westerly air flow both contributed to the event

Click to enlarge. From the paper. Observed and modelled jet-stream anomalies. a,b, Anomalies of zonal wind at 200 hPa for January 2014 in ERA-interim, relative to the 1986–2011 ERA-interim climatology (a), and in the ensemble mean of the Actual Conditions simulations, relative to the model 1986–2011 climatology (b). c,d, As b, but for the ensemble means of the Natural simulations with the HadGEM2-ES and CCSM4 models’ SSTs and SIC, respectively.Courtesy Nature Climate Change and the authors.


From Nature



Human influence on climate in the 2014 southern England winter floods and their impacts by Nathalie Schaller, Alison L. Kay, Rob Lamb, Neil R. Massey, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Friederike E. L. Otto, Sarah N. Sparrow, Robert Vautard, Pascal Yiou, Ian Ashpole, Andy Bowery,Susan M. Crooks, Karsten Haustein, Chris Huntingford, William J. Ingram, Richard G. Jones,Tim Legg, Jonathan Miller, Jessica Skeggs, David Wallom, Antje Weisheimer, Simon Wilson, Peter A. Stott and Myles R. Allen published in Nature Climate Change, DOI:10.1038/NCLIMATE2927

Read the abstract and get the paper here.


Nature news release.