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Warming not due to urban heating says research

Category: Climate change

Surface temperature increases appear to be independent of wind speed suggesting that urban heating is not responsible for the long-term observed surface warming trend, according to new research that is to be published shortly. [more]

Climate change makes severe winters more likely

Category: Climate change

Harsh winters in Europe and Asia may be three times more common in the future as a natural side-effect of global warming, according to new research.[more]

Global warming "consistent" with tropospheric heating

Category: Climate change

Long term trends in the temperature of the atmosphere are consistent with global warming due to human emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a new review of research data spanning the past four decades.[more]

Changes seen in annual air temperature cycle

Category: Atmosphere

Small but statistically significant increases in the global maximum and minimum temperatures of the lower troposphere over the last three decades have been reported in an analysis of remote sensing satellite data.[more]

Sea floor rifting may contribute to climate change

Category: Climate change

Heat from magma trapped beneath thick layers of carbon-rich ocean floor sediments is releasing methane and carbon dioxide across a large area in the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California and impeding the natural take-up of...[more]

Role of melting quantified in loss of older Arctic sea ice

Category: Polar, Oceans

One third of the reduction in the extent of older Arctic sea ice is due to melting, according to a NASA analysis of satellite data. The analysis has quantified for the first time the amount of older and thicker "multiyear" sea...[more]

Antarctic sea ice mystery targeted by NASA

Category: Polar

Solving the mystery of why Antarctic sea ice has been growing while Arctic sea ice has been retreating is a key objective of NASA's Operation Ice Bridge airborne laboratory project which is currently underway in Antarctica.[more]

Stability of troposphere unaffected by global warming says research

Category: Climate change

The stability of the tropical atmosphere has been unaffected by climate change so far, according to new research.[more]

UK Met Office computer models suggest global warming may have increased storm activity

Category: Models

Indications that the recent increase in Atlantic tropical storm activity may have been caused by global warming has come from some new research using computer models to recreate historic forecasts to compare with actual data. ...[more]

Climate change forecasts "a waste of taxpayers money"


Well known US climate scientist Roger Pielke Sr, of the University of Colorado in Boulder, has called US government funding of computer climate models for multi-decadal forecasts of global warming and climate change “a waste of...[more]

Sea ice thickness database for researchers

Category: Polar

Climate scientists can now make use of an extended database of sea ice thickness measurements. [more]

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