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Republicans to investigate global warming "fraud"

Category: Climate change

There could be an investigation into the “scientific fraud” of global warming following the Republican party gains in the US mid-term elections. [more]

Proof that Atlantic Ocean conveyor can reverse direction

Category: Paleoclimate

Confirmation that the ocean conveyor belt circulation system reversed direction in the Atlantic during the last ice age has come from a study of sea floor sediments that has been published in a paper in British scientific journal...[more]

October warming lower than September's record

Category: General

This year is still within "striking distance" of being hotter than 1998 despite satellite temperature data for October showing the smallest monthly warming of the lower troposphere so far in 2010 and declining sea surface...[more]

Warming affects weather in each hemisphere differently

Category: Atmosphere

Global warming will affect weather in the northern and southern hemispheres differently, according to new research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US. [more]

Land may be drying out

Category: Climate change

The risk of desertification may be larger than previously thought due to the decline in the rate of evapotranspiration from land reported in a letter to British science journal Nature.[more]

Plants may face climate tipping point

Category: Climate change

Certain plants that have so far appeared to be resistant to climate change may reach a tipping point if temperatures continue to rise, a paper in British science journal Nature suggests.[more]

Evidence of two-stage warming found in the past

Category: Paleoclimate

Did carbon dioxide greenhouse warming trigger methane clathrate release 56 million years ago?[more]

Continued ocean warming detected off Greenland

Category: Oceans

Sensors attached to whales indicate that ocean warming continues in southern Baffin Bay waters[more]

NOAA opens new Ocean Climate Center

Category: General

Better understanding sought between climate change and ocean ecosystems[more]

Carbon dioxide prevents Earth from becoming an ice world

Category: Climate change

A computer model has demonstrated that without carbon dioxide the Earth's temperature would fall by 35C in 50 years. [more]

Research suggests models can not replicate past climate changes

Category: Models

New paper casts doubt on ability of computer climate models to make accurate forecasts by comparing model data with real observations. [more]

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