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Future droughts mapped by computer models

Category: Climate change

Detailed analysis using computer models indicates a threat of extreme drought across much of the globe[more]

High altitude soot from space rockets will impact climate

Category: General, Climate change

As the New Mexico runway for Virgin Galactic's space tourism trips is opened a new paper warns that if the rate of sub-orbital flights grows to around 1,000 a year as forecast by the space tourism industry then soot from rocket...[more]

Climate change policy must take account of land use

Category: Climate change

Policy makers are too focussed on CO2 emissions and need to look at other human induced climate forcings, says a new paper[more]

"Dawn chorus" scatters high altitude electrons

Category: Atmosphere

VLF radio waves provide link between electrons trapped in space and the diffuse aurora which is responsible for three quarters of the energy going into the upper atmosphere at night[more]

New paper attributes greenhouse effect

Category: Atmosphere

Results from a systematic attempt to estimate the precise contribution of various atmospheric components to the greenhouse effect have been published.[more]

Pachauri to remain as chairman of IPCC

Category: IPCC

Rajendra Pachauri is to remain as chairman of IPCC and a management shake-up will not take place until mid-2011[more]

Thinnest thermosphere since dawn of space age

Category: Atmosphere

Solar minimum meant Earth's thermosphere was thinner and cooler than at any time in 50 years [more]

Model shows how solar cycle impacts atmosphere

Category: Atmosphere, Models

Computer simulations demonstrate that the impact of the 11-year solar cycle on the middle atmosphere is modulated by the stratospheric quasi-biennial oscillation [more]

Ground water run-off adds to global sea level rise

Category: Oceans, Surface

Dutch researchers report that ground water contributes around a quarter of the annual increase in sea levels.[more]

Deep ocean warming contributes to sea level rise

Category: Oceans

New research suggests that ocean warming detected below 1,000m has contributed to sea level rise of around 1.2mm per year.[more]

Ice sheet loss estimates reduced by NASA team

Category: Polar

Satellite measurements of gravity fields over the ice cap give the most precise measurement to date of ice sheet loss.[more]

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