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Calls for UN climate chief to resign

Category: IPCC

Rajendra Pachauri's fate as chairman of the IPCC to be decided at the next IPCC meeting in October[more]

Emission reductions difficult to monitor


Policing global attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may be difficult as monitoring emission level changes in individual countries is fraught with uncertainty, according to a paper in Climatic Change.[more]

NOAA report says the world is getting warming

Category: Climate change

NOAA has published its State of the Climate report which states that the last decade was the warmest period ever and that the world has warmed over the last 50 years.[more]

Bjorn Lomborg changes view on impact of climate change

Category: News

Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Sceptical Environmentalist, has announced that he believes that $100bn a year is needed to fight climate change.[more]

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