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UAH Reports Warmest January In Satellite Record


Global atmospheric temperatures last month as measured by satellite instruments and analysed by UAH shows that it was the warmest January since satellite monitoring began - following on from the warmest December[more]

Southern Ocean Carbon Dioxide Mystery Solved


Why did concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases drop to a level that allowed the Earth to slip into a period of glaciation some 20,000 years ago? Sediment samples from the seafloor suggest more carbon dioxide was dissolved...[more]

Severe Drought No Longer Caused Just By Nature


Severe droughts experienced recently in countries such as China, Brazil and the United States can no longer be seen as purely natural hazards, acording to a new aper. Changes to the way people use the water and the landscape...[more]

Study Sheds Light On Antarctic Ice Loss


In the first study of its kind, researchers were able to gauge how levels of ice covering the land have changed over hundreds of thousands of years[more]

Study: Natural Variability Does Not Cause Global Warming


Long-term global warming requires external drivers, according to a new paper. Natural climate cycles alone are insufficient to explain warming, says researcher[more]

North Atlantic CO2 Storage Doubles In 10 Years


Study shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 storage doubled over last decade. Findings have important implications for ocean life[more]

Ice Age Ended In Volcanic Eruptions


Increase in volcanic eruptions at the end of the ice age caused by melting ice caps and erosion[more]

Glaciers On Svalbard Pulse


Many glaciers on Svalbard behave very differently from other glaciers worldwide. They advance massively for some years and then quickly retreat – and then remain quiescent for fifty to a hundred years – before they once again...[more]

Lunar Phase Affects Rainfall


Moon’s tidal forces influence the amount of rainfall on Earth by bulging the atmosphere[more]

Bedrock Is Key To Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability


Geophysicist questions stability of Antarctic Ice Sheet. The ice sheet in the Wilkes Basin may be more stable today than during the in the past because it rests on more bedrock[more]

UK Floods "Directly Influenced" By Human Warming


Southern England's winter floods in 2013/14 were directly influenced by human-driven climate change, according to a new paper. Increased water-holding capacity of the atmosphere and more January days with westerly air flow both...[more]

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