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Second Paper Suggests Early Farmers Kept Earth Warm


Mounting evidence suggests early agriculture staved off global cooling, according to a new paper in Reviews of Geophysics. This follows research published last week in Nature suggesting ancient farmers may have prevented a...[more]

UK Met Office: 2015 Warmest Year On Record


UK Met Office agrees with NASA and NOAA in ranking 2015 as the warmest year on record in terms of global surface temperatures[more]

NASA and NOAA Say 2015 Shattered Temperature Records


NASA and NOAA claim their analyses reveal "record-shattering" global warm surface temperatures in 2015. This is in contrast to two separate analyses of satellite data showing global atmospheric temperatures last year were the...[more]

Did Early Agricultural CO2 Save Earth From An Ice Age?


Earth has had a narrow escape from a new ice age possibly due to humanity's early CO2 emissions, according to a paper in Nature. Modelling studies looking at the link between insolation and CO2 confirm that we would now be...[more]

Rocks Reveal North American Climate History


Growth rings on rocks give up North American climate secrets going back 120,000 years[more]

Greenland Ice Sheet Melts More When It’s Cloudy


Clouds help add mass to the ice sheet when it snows. Also, clouds block the sunlight, which lowers the temperature. At the same time, they form a blanket that keeps the surface warm, especially at night. A study examines the net...[more]

UAH: Expect More Warmth As El Nino Wanes


The atmosphere should continue to see El Nino-influenced high, even record high, temperatures for the next several months, says UAH's John Christy[more]

UAH Agrees With RSS Data: 2015 Third Warmest Year


UAH analysis of satellite data confirms RSS analysis in showing 2015 was the third warmest year in terms of atmospheric temperatures [more]

Clouds Double El Nino Amplitude


Climate model experiments suggest clouds enhance ENSO variability by a factor of two or more. Clouds induce heating in the mid and upper troposphere associated with enhanced high-level cloudiness over the El Nino region, and...[more]

Melting Antarctic Sea Ice Lid Released Ice Age CO2


Melting of massive Antarctic ice ‘lid’ resulted in huge release of CO2 at the end of the ice age [more]

Large Methane Emissions Seen In Northern Lakes


Measurements from 733 northern water bodies – from small ponds formed by beavers to large lakes formed by permafrost thaw or ice-sheets – enable researchers to estimate methane emissions over large scales[more]

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