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Ice Sheet Firn Changes Reported In Greenland


Climate change is altering the way the Greenland ice sheet melts and accelerating sea level rise, claims a York University professor who has co-authored research showing that the layer of firn - compacted snow - on top of the ice...[more]

El Nino Past Peak Says BOM


A number of indicators suggest that the 2015-16 El Nino has peaked in recent weeks, according to Australia's Bureau of Meteorology. There is a 50-50 chance of a La Nina cooling event kicking in later in 2016[more]

NSIDC Data: December Arctic Sea Ice Fourth Lowest


Arctic sea ice extent in December reflected the pattern for the whole of 2015 - in line with levels seen in the last decade but also consistent with a long term decline[more]

RSS Data: Warmest December And Third Warmest Year


Atmospheric temperatures in 2015 ranked behind those reported in 2010 and 1998 although December 2015 was the warmest December in the satellite era, according to data from RSS[more]

Sensitivity Study: Recent Past Predicts Future Warming


Examination of Earth's recent history is the key to predicting global temperatures says a team of NASA researchers looking at the sensitivity of the climate to CO2 increases. They calculated the temperature impact of different...[more]

Arctic Winter Methane Emissions More Than Expected


A new study finds that, contrary to previous assumptions, the Arctic tundra releases at least as much methane during its cold season as it does during summer[more]

Melting Arctic Sea Ice Increases Precipitation


Melting sea ice increases Arctic precipitation and complicates climate predictions, according to paper [more]

Salty Sea Spray Affects The Lifetimes Of Clouds


Sea spray is a unique, underappreciated source of ice nucleating particles, acording to research[more]

Ice Cores Determine Timings Of Past Climate Changes


Two deep ice cores drilled at the East Antarctic dome summits 'Dome Fuji' and 'Dome C' were volcanically synchronized over the past 216 kyr to improve our knowledge of the timing and duration of the Marine Isotope Stage 5 climate...[more]

UAH Claims Satellites Show Warming "Under" UN Target


Global warming is happening at around 1.2C per century, according to the 37 year old satellite dataset maintained by the University of Alabama in Huntsville [more]

More Evidence Of Volcanic Heating Under Antarctic Ice Sheet


Seismic study of West Antarctica finds evidence for mantle "thermal anomalies" beneath the Bentley Subglacial Trench and the Marie Byrd Land Dome[more]

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