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NOAA Reports Warmest October On Record


October 2015 recorded the largest single monthly departure from the long term average surface temperature of +0.98C, according to NOAA[more]

NASA: October Records Biggest Temperature Anomaly


Global surface temperatures in October were a whopping 1.04C above long term average, according to NASA. This is the largest monthly temperature anomaly reported in the NASA surface temperature archive[more]

Paleo Study: Ancient CO2 Levels Lower Than Thought


CO2 levels 50 million years ago were found to be half what had been expected suggesting that climate sensitivity to increasing CO2 concentrations may be greater than predicted[more]

WMO: El Nino Expected to Strengthen Further


Severe droughts and devastating flooding being experienced throughout the tropics and sub-tropical zones bear the hallmarks of this El Nino, says WMO chief[more]

Antarctic Growth Caused Mediterranean To Dry Up


Growing Antarctic ice sheet caused the ancient Mediterranean to dry up five million years ago, say researchers[more]

Antarctic Melt Could Be Slowed Says Study


Gravitational effects and variations in Earth structure could damp rise in global sea levels. Research suggests the impact on global sea levels from the retreating ice sheet could be less drastic than computer simulations indicate[more]

Massive Ensemble Weather Simulation Reported


Japanese research institute runs the largest ever ensemble simulation of global weather using real-world data[more]

Global Warming Will Hit Air Quality


Using a suite of computer models, study finds most aerosol species will increase under climate change associated with greenhouse-gas-induced warming[more]

Study: Human Warming Worsened 2014 African Drought


Anthropogenic warming in the west Pacific likely contributed to the 2014 drought in East Africa, say climate scientists[more]

Drought Atlas Maps 2,000 Years Of Climate In Europe


Atlas is based on scientific evidence using tree rings to map the reach and severity of dry and wet periods across Europe, and parts of North Africa and the Middle East, year to year over the past 2,000 years [more]

Oceans Play Key Role In Abrupt Climate Change - Study


Research shows how abrupt climate shifts in the past affected Earth and how the interaction between heat transport in the ocean and the atmosphere caused the climatic changes to be expressed in different ways across the Southern...[more]

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